DEAR DIARY, SCRATCHING MY HEAD………..Nov 1st, entering strange land

So, ok, how do we balance passion, talent, and gifts in one area, and then tie in the elements of knowledge in a totally opposite field in order to turn those gifts and the passion to make a life of it actually happen. I learned from a good mentoring / brainstorming session that now that I had figured out what my desire is, and now have a good understanding about what I want to do with the rest of my life, ( make my gifts/passion my source of income), I needed a new set of skills.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT!!! Hmmmm. Now, i’m not a simpleton, so I am sure that if I started to study the principles of business, that I will probably understand it. Yet, I find myself scared, really? of what pray tell, hahaha. Ok, I guess, im so deep in love with writing the genre of stuff I like, and coming up with my inspirational messages, that the thought of reading anything to do with math (oh shoot me now),  finances, accounting feels like taking candy out of a kids mouth.

But my dear diary, I guess this is where the story leads. You want something, you find a way to make it happen. I guess the Universe knew I needed a leg up, so I got a Master Class tutoring session Friday on where to even start, lawd knows that probably saved me 2 years of spinning around in circles, Thanks Super Coach 🙂

But, since I can’t afford to have experts do this for me, the truth is I have to learn from scratch how to be a business woman. All those years studying Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology….aw man!, Business crash course here I come. Wish me luck. Hope I still feel like writing a poem after this. First challenge,

HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN ……..I’ve never even seen one. Positive attitude hat on, can-do attitude socks on, my passion-my income vest on, faux courage, here we go google

My name is Mah Mekolle, and i’m the CEO, CFO, COO, Secretary, Janitor and delivery woman in my company, I feverishly approve this message

image Midnight, go to bed or study business…………

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