Thank You my Facebook Support Family

My journey started a long time ago, all I knew was that I loved to uplift people the best way I knew how, with my words of encouragement. I could be crying, but somehow I knew how to make someone else stop crying. I could be angry, but I knew how to talk someone else out of anger. I could be hurt & disappointed, but that didn’t stop me from having the insight to help someone else out of their pain. Does that mean I had or have the perfect life? No. It just means, I know and have known from the time I was young, what my gifts & purpose were. When the time was right, I set out to be who I was called to be, a Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, among other gifts which I am also exploring elsewhere.

I started Pearls of Our Lives as a blog 2 years ago to explore quietly if what I felt, the need to share my heart, if it was real and sustainable. It was, I never grew tired of it, in fact, my desire to just do only that, grew daily. Last year after simply blogging wasn’t enough, I started Coaching, & by the end of the year I launched my Motivational Speaking platform

This year, and in just 2 days of creating my personal Facebook page dedicated to bringing my messages closer, with over 200+ LIKES, I am confident I am on the right path. THANK YOU all, for being with me on this journey. I will emotionally retreat to bed. See you in the morning for more pearls, if I can help myself tonight

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