I did not set about to write something very deep when I wrote about the warmth of a smile, but it seems that touched a cord on my other social media pages and I got a lot of participation and feedback from people for whom this topic resonated a lot. A smile, indeed, that such a non-verbal gesture with varying degrees of expression, when done right, and when genuine, has the power to melt hearts, reduce anxiety, ease pain, and heal the spirit.

These are some of the heartwarming and teaching comments I got from my readers on Linkedin, who got in the conversation and I had to share with you, for their words and testimony may make a difference too for you. Keep smiling, keep shinning, someone’s last memory of the earth, could very well be your smile and the human love radiating through it.

Frank Blanchet


Frank Blanchet

Freelance Musician, Speaker at South Eastern Ontario

Right on! Sometimes you’ll never know the good you’ve done. A few years ago my wife and I were in a bad vehicle accident. The EMS people were well trained and looked after us well, but i remember the girl who held my hand while her colleagues worked on me. Her smile was very important in that it calmed me down and likely reduced the severity of the shock. She radiated healing!

Frank Blanchet


Frank Blanchet

Freelance Musician, Speaker at South Eastern Ontario

Guys and Gals this is a wonderful conversation!

The first time i saw the power of compassion was in the company my father. He was an old time Doc in the 50’s and 60’s. We were visiting a patient (he used to take me on select house calls and hospital visits). This man had suffered a bad stroke, could not speak and he began to weep. This was the first time I’d ever seen a “grown man cry” and i was afraid. Without a word, my father showed me what to do and we both held one of his (the patient’s) hands. The poor man wept and then eventually stopped and smiled in what I interpreted as relief. I thank God for my father, who has long since passed, but he knew the power of “holistic medicine” long before it became a buzzword. We all have something to contribute even if it is “only” a smile or hand holding etc.

Sherry Benson-Podolchuk


Sherry Benson-Podolchuk

International Speaker on Workplace bullying/harassment,PTSD, Mental Illness, Author,

I love this discussion it is so me. I smile alot. As a matter of fact, when my daughter was little if she could not see me teeth she knew I was mad. Yes a smile can change a persons’ day. As a police officer a smile during a time of intense emotional crisis made a difference with victims and perpatrators. Yet, Nothing better than a good cry now and then. Tears are like rain if you keep them inside you drown if you let them out they wash your soul clean. When stressed looking for a giggle helps turn the frown upside down. Everyone have an awesome day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Bonnie Pond


    Bonnie Pond

    Make Your Life Count Speaker l Women’s Speaker l Author l Workshop & Seminar Leader l Radio Show Host

    Beautiful! Thanks for such a wonderful reminder that a such simple, no-cost gesture can make an enormous difference to someone. It’s the Ripple Effect, isn’t it?

  • John Baptista Jr., mrwt


    John Baptista Jr., mrwt

    National Speaker, Published Author, Business Consultant and Founder Of Impact Training & Consulting

    Top Contributor

    Can relate to Frank, having nearly died two years back, I do recall how a smile from a nurse or employee helped the healing process. And yes as Bonnie said, no-cost gesture!


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  1. A real smile coming from a truely loving heart can make a great relief or at least some relaxation. Life is always worth living and smiling.

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