Introducing My Video Pearls! Yea

Thank you all for sticking with me these last two years, it is a time of trying out new things, and now I am adding video content to my Positive Enrichment messages. This is my first video, hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more and improved


5 thoughts on “Introducing My Video Pearls! Yea

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  1. Yes!!! Congratulations on taking this major step towards fulfilling your calling and purpose. I have seen you grow through the months and years and I am so proud of you, always will be a proud supporter. Wishing you nothing but the best; you are positively changing lives and I thank you! Looking forward to more videos!!

    1. Oh Di, do you know that I have been waiting to read from you, somehow you’ve been my most consistent celebrator and I’m glad to share this growth curve with you

  2. Outstanding introduction to a wonderful and positive person. You Wowed me with your first Video Blog – I have to say the VLOG was a great addition to your collection of inspirational and life enriching messages.

    1. Thank you Joe! You have no idea how nervous I was sharing that, then I bit the bullet. I had no one to critique me except the image staring back at me on my webcam and my voice. So I think I am motivated now to keep on after this first one. Thank you so much for the feedback xoxoxoxo

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