MEET DJ FOCUS :  Young , Smart and FABA-lous Innovator Wizkid !  

Thanks DeBraun Hill for shinning a light on this amazing story, I just had to share it

De Braun Hill

Kelvin-DoeI am not an educator! But I have a question about our education systems today. How are we pushing the next generation of Africans to become Innovators? Do we use the ssuccess stories of our engineers, entrepreneursm artists and scientists as case studies in our classrooms ? How do we prep the next generation for what is awaiting them after graduation?  This is the information age. If we are still learning European History from 1848 and all about Garibaldi ( I hated this like crazy!)  , we are sending the next generation back into the dark ages!

I hope this Sierra Leonean Kid`s story reaches our kids and students in their classrooms and serves as a reminder that they too can do anything they set their minds to. And teachers can help bring out the genius in our kids!



As kids and adults we always…

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