“Who has seen the wind, neither you nor I, but when the trees bow down the wind is passing by…”

With a couple more hours left before midnight hits and the International Day of the Woman is over, I’m not done going down my list of phenomenal Cameroonian women I know and respect. She is the strong wind that moves and helps bring change wherever she is 

She’s an activist for human dignity through her many causes she supports, the world cannot contain her. 

They call her many names, affectionate terms custom-made by each one who knows her. I call her Lady Kathleen Ndongmo, because she is a mover and a shaker and she makes things happen, things that positively affect the lives of people, so in my mind, is elevated to the status of a great Dame.

From the time I knew Kathleen with her grande personality & gentle heart as teenagers, I often wished I was as bold. Lady Kat, I’ll never forget your protecting friendship when I went to University of Yaounde, alone from home for the 1st time & renting my small shack of room. I was in your city, & you visited me almost every day with your huge heart & smile & take-charge personality hahahahaha, oh what joy, good times. You made my first year memorable, like the wind, you left your mark.

Today I see that strong wind bulldozing obstacles & lending a strong voice to humanity. As usual all I do is smile, but today l want to tell the world I salute you for who you are today, an effector of change. Happy Women’s Day!

Mah Mekolle 


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  1. Truly gorgeous and poetic. She deserves it. You always see the good in people Mah and that’s a blessing.

    1. Ngummy thank you, I try to, I don’t always succeed but I try daily cause we are worthy of being our best against all odds, so I try to look at people and see what they’re succeeding at, not their inequities 😊

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