I am empowering myself daily, by seeking the words of wisdom from the mouths of babes, to the mouths of mothers, and the mouths of Pastors, Bishops and the streetwalker. Anyone who can positively enrich my life and yours will find a home in my space. As I scour the world and internet and the help of God to bring me these teachers, I commit to sharing their healing messages with you.

 POSITIVE OUTCOMES (1-866-919-2889

Today, I share with you one of my treasures, a woman of virtue, a woman after God’s heart. My Positive Enrichment is courtesy of Dr Dorine Takusi Fobi, who is a Pastor and leader in every sense of the word. Listen to her teaching and follow her on Facebook, watch her show on Youtube, share her with your networks. A spiritual gift this softly spoken cannot be hidden for too long. Please subscribe to her YouTube channel for more spiritual food



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    1. Oh really? Hahahahaha that’s a beautiful interesting observation, and seeing that I just discovered her beautiful soul recently I’m quite fine with us looking alike ­čÖé

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