Welcome to 2017, and all I want for you today, and this year, is PEACE. Peace in mind, body, and soul. During these next 12 months, I will provide you all with resources which I hope will be a source of inspiration and motivation to discover who you truly are inside, the journey to discovery, as well as support for new challenges. It is not easy, seeking a closer relationship with our own self, but it is the only true relationship we can hope to master, before mastering other relationships. If we can find and start to become who we were created to be, we can become more fruitful, as well as become agents of love, hope, and peace for others in our space and energy. Enjoy this year, make mistakes, learn from them, run away from perfection but please do seek mastery of skills. I will be on this journey of discovery with you all, and I hope that you become my teachers as I hope to become yours.


We have been given one life to live, it is our duty to secure it, protect it, and put it at the disposal of those who need us. That is why this year, I have dedicated my life to serving children with disabilities, as well as contribute to eradicating poverty by donating to Connecting Angels nonprofit Project 100 Meals for Orphans. It is our civic duty to take care of the vulnerable. This year, Connecting Angels will be sending meals and grocery items to selected orphanages in third world countries. Visit their website and chose that this is the year you make an impact in the world, by volunteering your time, resources and positive energy towards creating a more peaceful world. Visit http://www.connecting-angels.org for more information.


Let the year begin

Mah Mekolle


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