Do You Vet Yourself?

For me, when I think of vetting, it is a process of investigation, checking something thoroughly, examining, understanding, and getting current with what exists in reality. Vetting is not just a political process that happens before a candidate for office is confirmed, we can use this tool to examine our emotions, our thoughts, our desires, beliefs, and... Continue Reading →


What is your attitude to betrayal? The sanctimonious "how dare you?" of one who has never betrayed anyone either?  What do you do after the initial hurt & feelings of disappointment, especially from those we love? Do we cut people off, including their relatives, friends, dogs, cats, and emotional blackmail?


WHY ARE YOU WAITING TO BE, LIVE, & GIVE THE BEST? Ah, how many of us are guilty of saving the best for last? Come on, it is as natural a thought, as far as thoughts go. We love the suspense of waiting to surprise our loved ones with our presence or gifts, you take... Continue Reading →

See the Change in Others Too

So often we believe in our ability to change, transform and renew who we are; we move on from behavior that doesn't serve us well into fruitful choices. Yet, we might not be as open or kind enough to accept or see these changes in others. We hold folks hostage to their past and see... Continue Reading →


Some days, all we have to do, is surrender to the possibility, that we do not have all the answers, and we do not control everything. In that moment we surrender to the force within us, the healer and all-knowing. We call him many things in different languages, but he is God, the creator, LOVE.... Continue Reading →


"When all is said and done, God loves me more than I could ever love myself. As a result of this belief in God's unconditional love, I can tap into its essence and love myself enough, that my love shines through pain, distress, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness, to open my eyes to the beauty of... Continue Reading →

My Mirror Reflection

There is nothing too special about a mirror, until you look in it. Usually, for the sake of finding out what physical flaws lie therein, to erase with makeup the dark spots on our faces, to see if that black bean stayed longer between the teeth, lest we mar a smile. Yes, the mirror is... Continue Reading →

Join Your Heart with Ours

Shine your light of love! My dear readers, wow, I am in awe, and I am touched by all your love and support. I promised myself, that I will live my life in truth, and with love. I have adopted my mission and platform to spread love through my Nonprofit, Connecting Angels Inc, and I... Continue Reading →

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