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I created the blog Pearls of Our Lives in 2013 as an outlet for my musings. At the time it was just a personal blog to document random thoughts, opinions, explore my feelings about a variety of life experiences, find language for some of the challenges I encountered and lessons learned. As you read these pearls, I hope you find something meaningful and useful to you.

Mah has a burning passion for wellness in mind, body, and soul. She believes the key to maintaining this equilibrium, lies in the balance between a positive relationship with oneself and connection to others. True to this, she has created a platform to accomplish her life’s purpose and mission to create a positive impact in the lives of others.

Her mission is to alleviate suffering using her gifts and skills as a mental health professional and Life Coach. Your mental, emotional, and physical health equilibrium are non-negotiable. I can help you alleviate any suffering you may have

“Live your truth” Mah

Her Work

Mah Mekolle is an Inspirational writer, Life Coach and Trainer. Her work, preparing frontline healthcare staff on Self-Care strategies was featured on the Organization’s system wide news media https://jobs.memorialhermann.org/Compassionate-Care-and-Self-Care.

She has a Masters in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, a Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), and over 10 years as a Life Coach, helping her clients with their mental and emotional needs.

Mah is the Founder of Connecting Angels Inc., a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the lives of those living in extreme poverty and those struggling with disabilities. Through the Connecting Angels Young Leaders Academy, she aims to ignite the fire of leadership through service in a new generation of young people

She is a featured Inspirational writer on the Immigrant Magazine and Beauty Within Magazine

Mah is a Leader in her local community, serving as current National President of her alma mater LESA USA 2019-2022, two-term local Chapter President of LESA Houston Chapter 2015 – 2017, 2017-2019.

She was the recipient 1997-98 Birmingham Black Nurses Association (BBNA) annual student scholarship award for Academic excellence and Leadership skills

Mah is a US Citizen, who was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa. Her greatest joy comes from inspiring others to live a more meaningful life by creating balance in mind, body, and soul.

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