Yea, International Day of the Woman



Do You Vet Yourself?


For me, when I think of vetting, it is a process of investigation, checking something thoroughly, examining, understanding, and getting current with what exists in reality. Vetting is not just a political process that happens before a candidate for office is confirmed, we can use this tool to examine our emotions, our thoughts, our desires, beliefs, and our actions to understand why we feel and why we do the things we do. Whatever is the state of our emotions, physical or mental health, or other, has an impact on the choices we make. So, what is the state of your mind, soul, and body, and are your choices passing through filters that have been thoroughly vetted and examined?

The decisions we make from choices we have chosen, have consequences; so take the time to examine thy choices.

Mah Mekolle


What is your attitude to betrayal? The sanctimonious “how dare you?” of one who has never betrayed anyone either?  What do you do after the initial hurt & feelings of disappointment, especially from those we love? Do we cut people off, including their relatives, friends, dogs, & cats, & emotional blackmail?





Ah, how many of us are guilty of saving the best for last? Come on, it is as natural a thought, as far as thoughts go. We love the suspense of waititing to surprise our loved ones with our presence or gifts, you take months, or years to finally decide you are going to propose to your lover (finally!) and then spend unnecessary time waiting for the right moment, right? Of course, all great intentions. You want to wait till that all important guest comes before you use the fine china, or the special cut of meat drying in the freezer, or waiting to wear that special dress only on that special occasion. How about waiting endlessly to forgive until you feel like it?…

…… what if you don’t last long enough, what if they don’t hang around waiting for you to love them? Will saving the best for last have been worth it? Are you waiting to live your best life only when all the elements align perfectly? Why not start today? NOW
Give the best you can while you’re able to, and love as much as you can while you have a heart to. When the moment is gone, it’s gone. It’s hard, but try not to leave for Toni, that which can be done today; go out there and look be someone who respects the gift of life, honor it with the choices you make that say you are aware of just how precious life is, and it could be shorter than you think.

Mah Mekolle