Do You Vet Yourself?

For me, when I think of vetting, it is a process of investigation, checking something thoroughly, examining, understanding, and getting current with what exists in reality. Vetting is not just a political process that happens before a candidate for office is confirmed, we can use this tool to examine our emotions, our thoughts, our desires, beliefs, and our actions to understand why we feel and why we do the things we do. Whatever is the state of our emotions, physical or mental health, or other, has an impact on the choices we make. So, what is the state of your mind, soul, and body, and are your choices passing through filters that have been thoroughly vetted and examined?

The decisions we make have consequences; so take the time to examine thy choices.

Mah Mekolle

2 thoughts on “Do You Vet Yourself?

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  1. Thanks for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts. I have found that my decision making has improved tremendously ever since I started consciously vetting myself. I became more thoughtful, it helped me check my intentions and make sure that I set myself up to make the best possible choice at that time. Like you said correctly, checking that frame of mind.

  2. Yes I vet myself to ensure I am always in the right frame of mind to do what is right not just for me but those around us.

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