What is your attitude to betrayal? The sanctimonious “how dare you?” of one who has never betrayed anyone either?  What do you do after the initial hurt & feelings of disappointment, especially from those we love? Do we cut people off, including their relatives, friends, dogs, cats, and emotional blackmail?

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  1. Each disappoint tries to cover the blessing that is associated with it. You have to train yourself on how to tap into the blessing. Betrayal is a disappointment and it is easy to get carried away by the disappointment. Do all you can to see beyond the person who has betrayed you, for all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and have been called according to his good purpose.

    1. Great insight Eric, I have come to realize, that when we can start seeing ourself in others, then we will have more compassion, empathy, and love. Most of all, we will forgive easier. Betrayal is a topic that will never go away, and starting to address how to deal with it positively is important. What one person feels is a betrayal, to another, may not be. Work, home, family, social circles, these are all areas, where people feel betrayed, time to change perspective as you said. Thanks!

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