Some days, all we have to do, is surrender to the possibility, that we do not have all

the answers, and we do not control everything. In that moment we surrender to the

force within us, the healer and all-knowing. We call him many things in different

languages, but he is God, the creator, LOVE. reach out to him, surrender, ask for

peace, then sit back and receive it. Rejuvenate your spirit, knowing, while you

seek and work for the best in this world, you do not hold all your answers.


Mah Mekolle

Weather Your Storms

What habits have you cultivated when it comes to your attitude about storms in your life? Are you set immediately in a panic, do you fret and worry, and begin to speak of all the dreadful “what if” possibilities that could arise from the storm, rather than look for the positive angle? Maybe it is time to start growing that inner muscle that says, no matter what, I have what it takes to weather the storms in my life, for they will come, and go, but I will be the factor that decides if I go with the storms or not. ┬áMah Mekolle




I am empowering myself daily, by seeking the words of wisdom from the mouths of babes, to the mouths of mothers, and the mouths of Pastors, Bishops and the streetwalker. Anyone who can positively enrich my life and yours will find a home in my space. As I scour the world and internet and the help of God to bring me these teachers, I commit to sharing their healing messages with you.

 POSITIVE OUTCOMES (1-866-919-2889

Today, I share with you one of my treasures, a woman of virtue, a woman after God’s heart. My Positive Enrichment is courtesy of Dr Dorine Takusi Fobi, who is a Pastor and leader in every sense of the word. Listen to her teaching and follow her on Facebook, watch her show on Youtube, share her with your networks. A spiritual gift this softly spoken cannot be hidden for too long. Please subscribe to her YouTube channel for more spiritual food





Dear God you know it’s me again. I thank You for waking me up this morning, you are always so faithful. As I acknowledge your presence today, I ask that you forgive me my sins as I forgive those who sinned against me.

You have created a beautiful earth and in it you put all kinds of life form. You centered me specifically in the space I’m in, for no one else can occupy my unique space.

So Father I acknowledge my unique spot and I praise you, I love you for making me so amazingly different.

Dear Holy Spirit, comfort the brokenhearted, the sick, the lonely, the abused, and the hopeless. Draw all of us to your awesome presence wherein there is love, hope, and peace

Accept my worship and my praise in Jesus’ mighty name, amen.


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Dear God it’s me your child as I come to you this morning with praise and thanksgiving in my heart. As I contemplate your infinite mercy Father, I realize that there is no other love that is capable of such mercy.

Who am I to ask you forgiveness if I do not grant forgiveness to those who trespass against me.

Who am I to ask for your mercy to me if I am not willing to show mercy to those who hurt me.

Who am I to ask for your unconditional love with all my weakness, failures and transgressions toward you and man, if I can’t love fellow man in kind.

Dear Jesus, I ask of Thee my daily bread and your hedge of protection over me and my loved ones. Help me daily to be a reflection of your image and your likeness. Amen


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