My mission is that you feel cared for as you entrust your vulnerabilities to me as your Coach and Trainer. My approach to healing is a caring model combined with deep insight, psychotherapy, and a deep belief in each individual’s ability to rise from any situation they want to change, if you have the right help.

No one should do life on their own, make me a partner in your healing journey to a meaningful life, love, and happiness. I will guide you, push you, challenge your limiting beliefs, nurture your wings, and help you jump and claim the truest expression of yourself.

Life Coaching Packages

CREATE YOUR BLUEPRINT: I coach adolescents and adults to gain clarity on their life vision & purpose, set life goals, develop strategies to accomplish goals, and create a blueprint for a successful and fulfilled life.

SPECIFIC CONCERNS: I can help you with specific concerns including, but not limited to:



Acute stress

Caring for special needs children and adults

Dealing with grief and loss

Burnout and self-care

You can purchase a single session or purchase a package for a month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

Contact for extended pricing guidelines

Single 60-minute session
(1 time session)

– Four 50 – minute sessions$400
– Four 60 – minute sessions +
email & text $500
Free consultation

Relationship Coaching


+ The ideal relationship is yours to have. The most important relationship is the one with yourself. In order to find the right partner, you need the right frame of mind, perspective, and good judgement. I can help you build your confidence, courage, wisdom to position yourself for success.


+ The end of a relationship can be confusing, liberating, traumatizing, and for most people, a time of great loss. This is a time when most people reach out for connection, comfort, solace, and understanding. This can also be a life-defining time in your life, to wallow in grief or soar. I can help you through this transition to heal and begin a new and better life experience for yourself.

+ I help couples optimize their relationships through effective communication, defining their individual, identity, understanding each other’s love language, and rekindling the love in your relationship

Training & Speaking

Need a speaker for your event? Contact me with your topic and for pricing. I speak and train on topics related to mental health wellness. These include, but are not limited to:



Dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD

Caregiver fatigue

Compassionate Care for the terminally ill

Autism Spectrum Disorder: understanding the needs of children with Autism

Workshop on creating a life vision

Emotional Intelligence

Mental disorders affecting Children and Adolescents


  • Improve team dynamics
  • Successful Communication
  • Problem-solving in the workplace
  • Work-place violence
  • Leadership training

“We only get to live once, and if we do it right, we get to leave this earth with no regrets. To be your best, you have to give yourself the best chance at getting it right.”

— Mah Mekolle

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