In this fast-paced world of instant gratification, instant coffee, instant food, drive-through everything, it is easy to assume that our human interactions should be instant in bearing fruit. We judge people the first time we meet them, we don’t leave time or room to get to know them, we either assume they are for us, or they are against us or that they do not meet up. Who takes the time to savor, nurture relationships these days, it either bears the fruit we want from it fast, or we quickly discard it and we are on to the next one


We miss out on a lot when we do not know the difference between what needs to be accelerated in life in terms of results and production, and what needs slowing down in order to get the maximum benefit and effect. God, Family, relationships, these are worth slowing down for. No job is too big or important that it causes you to miss out on when you are needed to be there for someone. Though this is hard to do in this fast world, but we should not assume that it is right, but make every effort where necessary to put human needs before things and what we have to DO. We are humanBEINGS not humanDOINGS, so be there enough times. Isn’t it sad when you hear the neighbor, sister, cousin, aunty, friend, died, or ran away, or shrivelled away, but you were too busy DOING to notice their BEING.

Stop and smell the roses


(image from, mahmekolle)

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