In the grande scheme of things, when all has been shared,

when all the work has been done, man goes down alone,

man is buried alone, unless unfortunately buried in a mass grave.

Most people who have time to prepare for their death,

leave a will if they have anything of material importance.

However, for the most part, when time comes to say that final goodbye,

people look for people, not money, people.

They seek out relatives long-lost, they want to reconcile with friends,

daughters, sons, spouses and neighbors; material things don’t

seem that valuable when you’re impaired, sick, or dying.

The folly of youth is thinking there is time, the justice of time is knowing 

there isn’t any to waste. Make a connection with someone you know

that needs you, reconnect with someone you know you should never

have broken away from, if they are still available to make room for

you in their life. When it comes time for the closing of the eyes,

man goes down thinking of hearts, not gold, hearts.

Where is your wealth-building leading you today, what are you

investing in that will ensure you need not worry on your last breath?

who reaches for your hand? Will there be a hand to reach for? Wealth,

are you chasing the right wealth today?


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A life of integrity is honorable, the journey tedious & rife with potholes & falls. Still rise up and try anyway. It’s worth it. It’s by rising every time we fall and fail that we learn what not to do or say. Learning happens at any stage in life, in our triumphs and in our disappointments.

Our desire to see a bright side, a silver lining, a new hope, puts us in a default disposition to not dwell too long in negative emotions. Rather than dwell on where we failed, which will not bring the event back, learning to have an expiration date on our hurts, sorrows, and falls helps us do better


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