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If you have difficulty asking yourself those questions for reflection, I am hoping you draw inspiration from these few pearls  as aids to asking those pertinent questions. Some of them you will find you easily answer, and others suddenly might have you looking at the wall for a bit longer. No problem, that is a... Continue Reading →


SUNDAY REFLECTION As we wake up in different parts of the US it's not our first thought that other parts of the world have been hours ahead of us. In that moment, we have our universe, our immediate life, whether alone, with family, friends or at work. For some people, another night on the cold... Continue Reading →


• Start believing in something bigger than your circumstances or your limitations, and soon enough your dreams will lift you the rest of the way. However, wait long enough for your circumstance to change before you dream, and you will be waiting a long time in the same spot.

YOUNG HEARTS ARE BEAUTIFUL, ENCOURAGE THEM It was a great honor for me when Pauline's Publications Africa, Beauty Within Magazine, invited me to write an article for their publication, a short article of myself which can inspire young girls to aspire for their dreams. I humbly accepted to write a few words, for encouraging and... Continue Reading →

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