So what’s the plan for today, the week? Another session of whining and complaining about how early you have to wake up for work, school, and other important duties? Or the headache from the Sunday hangover, or late night sleep?

I say wake up with thankfulness on thy lips, jump up for joy that you took a breath this morning for this is a day ordained specifically to set you up for success. There are tools hiding in plain sight for you to reach out & grab your destiny by the throat. Be not afraid of the tough decisions you have to make to get to your goal. Honor your life with the gift of true living with purpose. Positively enrich your life!

Mah Mekolle




This is a summary of my message this week on Forgiveness which sparked a beautiful trend of conversations with some of you. Thank you for blessing me with your thoughts and visiting my website. Please enjoy the message and may it bring you a renewed desire to forgive. It is all about you, your freedom. Don’t forget to read my other message this week on chasing your dreams. I will see you all next week with fresh Positive Enrichment. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, Pearls of Our Lives, for more of my Positive Enrichment messages




Arise and let your greatness shine! What is in your way? Who is in your way and why? Who are you carrying in your heart & for what reason? Why cloud your aura with darkness when you could so easily be light.

A tragedy to maturity if you carry a grudge out of solidarity to a mob action rather than being able to say you have been personally afflicted by this person or people.
If you justifiably were afflicted, it’s January, forgive & move on, it’s for you, not them, for your peace! Smile and rise! Open your heart, mind & soul for the blessings that await you. Enrich others be enriched my friends

Mah Mekolle

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