Today in the United States of America, it is Thanksgiving day. All around, turkey has been cooked in all its forms and variations, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, candied yams, green-beans casserole spread out, some corn bread if you are from the south, sweet potato pies and all kinds of stuff. If you are me, you are wishing for the taste of fried turkey, but hey, Thanksgiving is not a tradition I grew up on, I have adopted it in this adopted nation of mine, and I love the idea of giving thanks.

I am in favor of every opportunity to give thanks, to be thankful. It helps dispel or create a distance between the things we don’t have or wish we could change, and a reason to be grateful for what we do have.




Today I am grateful and thankful for LIFE. My life, is a gift: to me, my family, and my community of colleagues and friends.

I am grateful for God in my life, I believe that the things I have been through would have killed me, my soul, and my spirit, had I not had the knowledge of Him, and the relationship which through faith, I continue to believe and thrive, that He watches over me, and protects me.

I am grateful for the family I have been given. My husband, my children, my parents, and my siblings. These are true riches, and I am not unaware just how truly blessed and privileged I am to know and count each and every one alive. I do not take it for granted, for we are here today and gone tomorrow, so for today I am grateful to still have all alive. I am grateful for my extended family, cousins, and may I say I have the best in-laws in the world. For the year 2014 I know that I could not have auditioned a better pick for the most beautiful souls to adopt me as their child and sibling.


I thank God for my friends, my true friends who have dual titles as both blood relatives and non-blood relationships. Some of them friends from long, never forgotten and some I communicate daily. They are my heart friends, they know who they are for they are reading this blog now as they keep up with me no matter where they are or out of touch. Thank you for thinking of me, and praying for me.

As far as life worth living goes, I don’t have the best life, neither do I have the worst life. We have all been through stuff we think we won’t wish on someone else, and we have also been blessed with incredible favor when it comes to other things. Life is the balance. I am grateful for the balance, the middle ground. I can neither boast of an enviable life, neither can I criticize the one I have. It is my perfect balance. This Thanksgiving, I wish you the best, think of your perfect balance, be grateful for the middle ground.





In this fast-paced world of instant gratification, instant coffee, instant food, drive-through everything, it is easy to assume that our human interactions should be instant in bearing fruit. We judge people the first time we meet them, we don’t leave time or room to get to know them, we either assume they are for us, or they are against us or that they do not meet up. Who takes the time to savor, nurture relationships these days, it either bears the fruit we want from it fast, or we quickly discard it and we are on to the next one


We miss out on a lot when we do not know the difference between what needs to be accelerated in life in terms of results and production, and what needs slowing down in order to get the maximum benefit and effect. God, Family, relationships, these are worth slowing down for. No job is too big or important that it causes you to miss out on when you are needed to be there for someone. Though this is hard to do in this fast world, but we should not assume that it is right, but make every effort where necessary to put human needs before things and what we have to DO. We are humanBEINGS not humanDOINGS, so be there enough times. Isn’t it sad when you hear the neighbor, sister, cousin, aunty, friend, died, or ran away, or shrivelled away, but you were too busy DOING to notice their BEING.

Stop and smell the roses


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