In the grande scheme of things, when all has been shared,

when all the work has been done, man goes down alone,

man is buried alone, unless unfortunately buried in a mass grave.

Most people who have time to prepare for their death,

leave a will if they have anything of material importance.

However, for the most part, when time comes to say that final goodbye,

people look for people, not money, people.

They seek out relatives long-lost, they want to reconcile with friends,

daughters, sons, spouses and neighbors; material things don’t

seem that valuable when you’re impaired, sick, or dying.

The folly of youth is thinking there is time, the justice of time is knowing 

there isn’t any to waste. Make a connection with someone you know

that needs you, reconnect with someone you know you should never

have broken away from, if they are still available to make room for

you in their life. When it comes time for the closing of the eyes,

man goes down thinking of hearts, not gold, hearts.

Where is your wealth-building leading you today, what are you

investing in that will ensure you need not worry on your last breath?

who reaches for your hand? Will there be a hand to reach for? Wealth,

are you chasing the right wealth today?


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Money, Money, MONEY, MONEY! Yes, it is all about the MONEY, do you find yourself thinking this way?  I HAVE ARRIVED; I AM HERE; I AM HAPPY; HAVE MADE IT, or so we are led to believe.  Our culture is built on individual’s status of wealth, and this symbolism is everywhere.  When did money become such a destination?   When did we forgot our initial purpose of providing for our basic needs and start focusing on the status of ourselves compared to those around us?

There are no rules of right or wrong in how we approach life, everything is subjective, there are ideal propositions out there and outlooks that seem to produce more ideal results.  Abraham Maslow’s phenomenal study on human motivation and personality is still one of the most popular theories in psychology and sociology today, where his hierarchy of human needs: Physiological, safety, love & belonging, esteem and self-actualization are exposed. When we are able to provide for the most basic, then we move on successfully to the next and are able to accomplish the next. Failure to succeed or achieve one level stunts growth in the next, says our competitive society.

In our world, we have the ideal process confused; When did money become so important? Are we starting to impose our mixed up views as ideal fact to the world?  For example. FACT: Unless you have diamonds and a flashy lifestyle, you haven’t arrived? Or, Fact, unless you LOOK like you have made it, you haven’t made it?

I have made it and I have arrived, but WHERE I wonder? What is this destination that even when we are happily in love, have a place to live, at least a meal or two a day, people who love our company….somehow , we still live like we are not yet THERE? Where is this PLACE that seems to rob our world today of the sense of accomplishment, unless there is FLASH at the end?  Thinking in terms of Maslow’s basic needs is where we refocus our energy and find there is no need to compare our self to others, but it is providing to our self the basic needs and finding joy in the love, happiness, and family in each step we take.

So, WHAT and WHERE is your DESTINATION? When you think of your personal “I have arrived…” be honest, what are you thinking of? When we are sitting on a goldmine, in terms of love, family, shelter, peace, and safety, with these basic needs met, we then can realize that I have Arrived, I am Here, I am Happy, and I have Made it.  Our comparison to others is irrelevant and it is within us we find our path to enrichment.


Monday Night Recap

So,after a long day at work, and slowly but
surely those things that make you wonder,
where did my can-do attitude go? The same
traffic slowing your arrival, some nice faces
and some regular characters. Soon enough
the warmth of the weekend turns to familiar

This is not an excuse to settle in to the regular
routine and excuse of the mundane & predictable.
Remember the new zeal to go out & conquer 2015,
don’t let other people’s lackluster approach to life be a
stronger voice in your life. Be the force that draws
their inner strength, rather than the one whose
light is turned out by theirs. You have purpose,
remember, be the LIGHT!


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When all is said and done, does it really matter how many “likes” we get on Facebook, or how many “shares” we get on our posts, or how many comments our threads attracted? What does it matter, if she didn’t comment when we tagged her, or he didn’t comment after all the times you commented on his posts? Is Facebook and all other forms of social media really the litmus test for real authentic human relationships, or have we just diluted our desire for more, that we settle for likes, and shares, and comments and the occasional “lol” with no expectations of phone calls and I love you?

Think about it, does Facebook chatter and activity really determine your worth? So why are you worried about the lack of it…? Food for thought.


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“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” -ARISTOTLE


How many people have access to us on a daily basis? We might not think many do, especially when you look at the number of phone calls a day, or how many people you call on a personal level. However, in the new era of social media, changing work environment, and daily routines, there is a huge number of people with access to us.

We can’t control the number of people we get to bypass at work, in the subway, grocery store, school, or bus stop. We sometimes can’t control the friends of friends who view our social profiles, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc. We can however limit the access people who don’t need to be in our lives have to our personal space. Friends, relatives, acquaintances and neighbors can be and should be evaluated before we grant whatever kind of access to us, as well as how much of us we give.

We all are different and have different values, wants and needs. The one indication for me limiting one’s access to me is the positive or negative effect that person has in my life. Negativity, that is a good place to start. However, if this negativity is also coming from us, we must acknowledge that. Bearing a grudge is never the best answer. We can get closure and resolution in order to be at a quiet distant space

Life is precious, peace is key, even within a storm, peace is possible. The people around us are part of this process. Protect your space and that of the vulnerable ones in our care, those who can’t protect their world, like our kids, minors and seniors


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How often do you think about why you exist? Too complicated a thought or too simplistic a view? Truth is, whether we think about it consciously or unconsciously, we are in one way or another striving to make sense of our existence. It is hard to experience total peace until we feel a sense of oneness and purpose, familiarity with our core. For everyone, that peace and sense of center is different, no two are the same.

Find your core, the inner essence from which our greatest strength comes, and then use it to fuel this great journey called life.

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