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Hey guys, just to let you know, in this category you are welcome to ask any question under the sun on any topic. I will give you my advice from MY perspective only, not the gospel truth, have fun with it, let the questions roll!

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  1. Hi Mah i am so inspired with the words of wisdom i gathered from you on this site especially on the advice you gave on “loving yourself” no matter who or what you are. But i have this one question, how can one know thyself, i mean how can you make out what you really want to become in life. i will tell you those are some of the things i battle with at times trying to figure out what i want to do, how to start and also approach.

    1. My dear Fulai, first of all thank you for visiting my blog and blessing me with your response. You have asked actually 2 important questions that a lot of people ask and spend a lot of years trying to figure out. 1) “How can one know thyself”, 2) “…how can you make out what you really want to become in life?

      To me when you separate them, how do you know thyself, it starts with the first step, which is what you have done, you have paused to self-reflect, you are interested in knowing, therefore you are open to finding out answers. I have a feeling that if you took a paper and pen & decided to write down who you are, that the paper will not be empty. You see, we usually have an idea of who we are, we might not grasp the totality of it all, but do not start either from the assumption of not knowing at all. Trust your instinct, then build on what you already know.

      For me, I look at it in many ways, and to delve into this topic, I will have to do a series on it, for it will not be contained in just this response, so this is not the totality of the answer. Look and examine who you have been thus far, when you look in that mirror, who do you see? What does that image tell you? Trust your instinct. Now, look and ask yourself, what are your gifts? What are you good at. What comes naturally to you. What drives your thought process to make the decisions you make,.
      The core of who we are is tied to our purpose for why we are here. We dont always live out the truth of our being, but if we start to ask why we are here, it usually leads us fairly in the direction of who we really are, cause it leads us away from who are are NOT.

      Please take time to browse some of my other writings where I have addressed this topic, hope you come back with any more questions 🙂

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