When Sunday rolls around, for some people a day to get religious for the week, others yet another day to grow closer to God as they do daily anyway, for some it’s a great day for the game, some a day to rest, chill & get ready for a new work week. It’s no question though that for most of the world, whether you are religious or not, this day makes you think of a higher power. I think it is a good thing to believe in a higher power, to commune and relate with a concept that there is something bigger than yourself. Some people relate through Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism just to name a few. I have heard that some people do not worship any higher power, and yet we will be amazed to know that some of these people practice a higher level of humanity than some of us who worship and preach about God, Jehovah,  Allah or Buddha.  I wonder though, is our belief and worship of a higher power what makes us able to be better humans or are we born with a sense of sheer human decency which over time can either be corrupted or improved based on religious affiliations or not?

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