I have come to understand that emotions are an interesting part of our existence.

They have their purpose no doubt, for how else will we describe that mushy

feeling when we are loved or we won a prize or we scored a job.

On the other hand, we hate that we can feel disappointment, hopelessness or pain

those times, we wish we could quit feeling. The dangerous element is when we use

feelings to determine the right course of action, especially one that is important.

I just think if we wait to feel like we want to be educated, we might never go to school

If we want to feel like eating right, exercising, working on a project, well, it might not happen

If we want to feel like loving people, we will end up flipping back & forth & back again too often

I have come to adopt just making the decision to do what is right, rather than wait to feel like it

When we find ourselves jumping from one thing to the other, never seeing anything through to

the end, never starting what we think & plan to do, always on to the next great idea without exploring

the one we just had, then it is time to self-evaluate if we are more feelings oriented or decision focused.

Decide what is right based on whatever foundation you draw from, then do it and stick with it. Period.


Mah N Mekolle


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