The journey of a thousand miles usually begins with a first step

This first step usually comes after we have explored our destination

first in our minds. We see possibility, we think of actuality.

In our minds we build the tallest castles, we are kings & queens.

In our minds no limitations, there we wear the finest fabrics,

have best friends. In our visions for our lives we have power beyond belief,

we are astronauts, talk show hosts, the finest designers, math geniuses,

Nobel prize winners. In our minds we have the best partners, children & jobs.

The first step to making even the first part of our visions true is not by

just dreaming it, but daring to find out what it could take to get it, then

see if we can start gathering the tools to get it.  Along the way we get

intimidated by the sheer possibility of the end result, sometimes we give

up, fear, road blocks show up, or we tell the wrong people where we are headed

The truth is if we just start, there is a high possibility that we would succeed, so

why not just start. How about today, or will your dreams end up just

castles in the air?


3 thoughts on “CASTLES IN THE AIR

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  1. Another great piece!! Sometimes we do get intimidated by the possibility of success, because if we become successful, we can no longer use the “woe is me” line. We have to elevate ourselves to the level we have attained. This also means that we have to be ready to get rid of people who try to keep us where we were…sometimes though these people are very close to us.

    1. That’s right Sir Howard. In our minds we can be so bold, we think the biggest things, start to finish, we often like the end result, but somehow when we think of translating that into reality, this same mind comes up with the most reasons for us to back away. So, if we learn to control our own minds, it can work with us to create and manifest a great reality, and at the same time, it can be our biggest road block. It’s up to us to control it!

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