This is my 1st attempt at creating my messages on video. This was impromptu, I started taking pictures and told my husband to put it on video mode and I felt this message on being thankful come out. Enjoy, more to come.

Mah Mekolle

2 thoughts on “GRATEFULLNESS

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  1. Wow! I was JUST telling a friend that I need to be more grateful and lo and behold, I get a message from you about gratefulness! I guess God is trying to get my attention, of course, I am grateful for your blogs, and I do like the video blog!

    1. Oh Dino that just made my day that one of my messages should hit be spot with anybody. I will try to do more video blogs, diaries cause there is something about hearing a message that sometimes resounds differently from reading it. That way people who are more in tuned with hearing can enjoy the blog too

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