Now That You Survived

Now that you survived, has anything changed?

When you were in the thick of things, 

you prayed and bargained that if you could only 

get out of it this time, you’d change so many things;

Pray more, laugh more, appreciate your family more,

give more, be more forgiving, less demanding, 

you would strive harder and do all it took

to live right. Now that you survived, where do you 

stand with all those good thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Now That You Survived

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  1. Hmm! Mah, this one hit home for me big time, I remember when my father got really sick and we were told he wasnt going to make it, I prayed that if God lets him live, I will start communicating with him (my father) more because before this illness we didnt communicate that often. And God was faithful, he let him live, and in the beginning the calls were almost daily then reduced to weekly and I am sure you know the end of the story, shame on me! Thanks for this post my dear, it was needed

    1. Dino, mami, thank you for the reply, it lends to the authentic messages I try to create that are real to our experiences. Well well well, isn’t this just the purrrfect example,hahaha. I cannot count how many times I did the same thing too. Even at work, when you think you have messed up, you start praying and hoping it wasn’t so bad, you start promising to show up even 15 minutes early just to get an early start, get things perfect again, haha. Im glad you enjoyed the piece


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