HAPPY NEW YEAR, finally! I never thought I will get to type that within a week of the year starting. What a turn of events. For months I planned my new year to the last detail, I was gonna start with a communications and business bang. I was gonna be moving to another neighborhood a couple of weeks before the New Year, I had my Vision Boards up and running, I just needed to put finishing touches to other projects I was starting, I was gonna have a new message every day of 2014. But, New Year came and none of that happened. So, let’s catch up our messages shall we.

LESSON 1 for 01/01/2014: PLAN BUT MAKE ROOM

I was on my mark for many months, pumped, high with energy, passion and pearls of wisdom share, I had switched up elements of my blog, then in December I got set, ready to GO on New Year. New Year came and the planned move happened on THAT SAME DAY! I spent my whole new year in boxes, movers, strangers, dust and only one meal the whole day. I tried to stay positive, but couldn’t help wondering how come I didn’t factor in this happening. I failed to make room for life, but the good news, I am thankful I started my new year being productive


So, I didn’t get to launch my other new blog I had been working on faithfully, I didn’t have the New Year video I had planned to upload, no fancy New Year artwork, no thousands of messages for Facebook, no time to even know what was going on in social media. I felt isolated from the world at a time when I thought I will be making my reintroduction into the world. Lesson learned, what life had me doing, was creating a new home, haven for the work I was about to accomplish. I look at my home nicely decorated, though unfinished, and as I smile, I realize that this is the feeling I need to kick off my creativity for 2014. Thank you Universe for giving me what I NEED first, rather than just fulfilling all my desires in any order.

Happy New year Guys, may God be with you


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