PEARL # 19


There are a few tiresome things in life, and one of them is a nagging spirit. Quit the nagging and be grateful. If something in your life makes you want to grumble, how about think of finding a solution. In stead of grumbling and nagging and being a bore to your neighbors, how about trying a quiet disposition, you might find the answer was there all along


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  1. Dear Mah,

    This concise and precise post of yours is very timely and appreciated.

    It reminds me of a song I loved very much in my high school, Saker.

    It went like this: ” In country, town or city, some people can be found who spend their lives in grumbling at everything around. Oh yes they always grumble, no matter what you say, for these are chronic grumblers and they grumble all way through…”

    The chorus narrates how they grumble every day of the week, at the weather and etc.

    So much valuable time spent grumbling and nagging of course never gets life anywhere.

    So I decided long ago to be grateful for whatever I have, live through and do for both others and myself. Above all, I am grateful for my life and for my ´ neighbour´.

    1. Amen, amen you hit the nail on the head, be grateful. The message doesn’t insinuate that we dont have things to nag about it just says have a different attitude about it, and a sense of gratefulness goes a long way towards helping with that. Again, thanks for your contributions. You went to Saker? oh my I hear you guys sing like angels, I have never had the pleasure myself of hearing you guys sing. Maybe someday right? Lovely

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