Complacence happens when we feel a sense of quietness, peace, a sense of satisfaction with a situation, without fully being aware of the defect, or danger that lurks. Truth be told it is hard to anticipate the nature of problems we may face, and almost unrealistic in my opinion to constantly be weary and on edge looking for danger in every circumstance. However, beingĀ complacent can lead to the death of drive and will to improve in some cases. The drive that got you to the place of complacency should not be forgotten but used again to lead you to an even better place.

If you are not moving, you are not growing. Movement in this instance is not only related to a physical movement, but also to a mind change. Are you complacent to a fault. Wake up. If you just arrived a place of satisfaction, do take the time to enjoy it, savor it and then dream again of something even better


(photo courtesy of MAH MEKOLLE PICS)

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