They say be kind, even to a stranger, I say be kind all the time. Truth is kindness is not only the giving of a tangible product to someone, for we can do that with the worst of motives. The kind of kindness I like is the one that exists in your heart, where you can’t help but be kind, you can’t help but be a conduit for good in someone else’s life whether you have something to gain or not. The kind of kindness that challenges you when life is tough and you don’t think you have it in you to handle even your own situation, not to talk about giving of yourself to someone else. Kindness.

You know, sometimes as much as we try, we have human failings, weaknesses that interfere with our desires to be good. No problem, I have to fight my anger, impatience, and ambition at times, to think of another person needing my attention. It is challenging sometimes, I know. But as long as we are aware to strive to attain a level of kindness, we will succeed a step at a time. Be kind to everyone, you never know who God has placed in your life to open doors for you, and the key lies in your kindness to them to unlock that door of blessings. Don’t be your own obstacle, get out of that funk attitude and be kind


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  1. Mah, the buffet table pictured above is great but I will add that even small acts of kindness go a long way through too.

    Two days ago, I saw a lady where I work she was so finely dressed and her blue nail polished nails matched her shirt and hair band and leather boots wow we will say. Yet she was apparently restless and nervous. So I went after her and complimented her colours – oh how she blushed and I hoped she stayed so.

    This morning, there is this girl I meet in the bus with her two kids often looking low. Today, I greeted her and we chatted and I asked after her girls and she blushed and told me some of her story and she was a refugee from Guinee Conakry.

    Out here, people don´t interact on the street and all like we grew up doing but then I dare to every now and then and so far it makes people smile.

    So tanks for sgaring all these pearls with us Mah and for me, these are acts of great kindness too.

      1. Mah, I posted on Honesty as I had said I would and I thought you would have left a comment. Have a great weekend.

      2. Awesome and thanks for the heads up. Going to work and will savor your article and comment. You are so refreshing Marie, I know you wrote some good lessons for us

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