ACCEPTANCE, we think about it all the time, we want it, to be accepted as we are. We long for someone to treat us without judgement, with our faults and our strengths. We want to be forgiven and made whole again and not made to feel like we do not matter.

Truth is sometimes we have a hard time accepting ourselves as we are. We constantly criticize our weaknesses and flaws, stress out for the lack of improvement in our looks, accents, friendships, the color of our skin, love, social relationships, education. We torment ourselves and others for not being who we want to be or who we think other people want us to be. We do not accept ourselves, and yet, we want others to accept us? Guilty am I of all the above and yet a work in progress I am daily in my strive for the life that is pleasing to God. You see, I found out a while ago, that only God’s acceptance of me matters the most and that is the one I should chase. I should not strive so hard to be accepted by the world that I change who I am just to do that, for there will always be something not so perfect.

Question though for you is, if you know in your heart that you find it hard to accept other people for who they are, don’t get mad at those who don’t accept you either. When we start to heal ourselves and our inequities we realize we are meant to be flawed in something, it is humbling and should cause us to love others without judgement, for which one of us is perfect, right?

As the year continues, challenge yourself to be more accepting of our humanity while striving to be better.


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