We draw unto ourselves the world we create in our thoughts and articulate through our mouths. What you project has the power to manifest. The law of attraction, simple. It is not rocket science really, it is a call and a warning to be careful what we profess and what we dwell on day in day out, for we are indirectly creating our world.

Do you find yourself constantly in negative situations, nasty arguments, hopeless situation and people who lack optimism, it will be reflected in your life. There is enough that happens to us already that is beyond our control, why leave so much to chance?

For today, be reminded, what you think and dwell on is almost like saying incantations in your mind. Sooner than later you start to speak what you think of often, and what you speak you create or draw into your world.

You want to prosper in health, spirit, financial, relationships, then speak life and not death. You want to succeed in school, quit talking trash about the teacher and speak understanding unto thyself. Want your relationship to be better, don’t dwell on how long it is taking, focus on continuously claiming the result you want.

I surround myself with people who are going somewhere I want to go, people who have positive spirits to support that journey, people who give me emotional balance, experts in things I don’t know and people who want to go where I already am, so I have the opportunity to reach back and take someone into our various destinies. I am creating my world of greatness. With this said, I am aware that life has obstacles, I am promising to create a barrier to obstacles that will kill me. I speak protection, peace, love, charity, good faith in my life, and the wisdom to solve all other problems.

Will you do same? The power of life and death literally lie in the tongue, are you killing yourself slowly with your mind and mouth, or are you building yourself and others. Attract now what you desire, send forth positive vibes into the Universe, obey.


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