You can not live a successfully harmonious life without a sense of priorities in general. We should have major priorities that govern the way and the order in which every other thing in our life falls into place. I have an order of priorities and I try my best to live my life according to that order. I do not always succeed, but by trying to keep that order of values in mind, I usually am able to readjust or recuperate or regroup when things fall out-of-place. What is your order of priorities, do you even have one, do you make a conscious effort to have a model, motto, goals to govern your life

Here is my order, it works for me. Find one that works for you and try to stick to it

1) God

2 (i) Me, (ii) spouse

3) Children

4) Career

5) Extended family

6) Community (church, parties, meetings)

All six points can be broken down further and further into many sub points that should cover just about everything I deal with in life. I don’t always follow that order to the letter, but by trying hard, I succeed in this imperfect life at living close to a harmonious balance in my life.


I urge you to sit down and put your life priorities on paper. Even if you think you already know what is the basis of all things in your life, you might be surprised to see that you are living so far out of the recommended order.


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