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Our father in Heaven, Holy is your name. When you look upon the earth and you start to wake us up one by one, I marvel at each morning that you wake me up as well.

I praise your holy name for this simple gift of breath which is a great gift, a gift of life. Not everyone was privileged to wake up this morning and I will always thank you and praise you for choosing me

I may have woken up poor in financial riches this morning Father, I may have woken up poor in accolades, no mansions or feathers to my cap. My name rings no bell to anyone but my family, my friends, and maybe my neighbors.

In spite of my simplicity and nothingness Father, you choose me time and time again to enjoy this beautiful earth that you have created just for me

So today I make up my mind that like the birds of the sky that care not for fashion, I will fly free sweet Jesus. I will raise my wings and soar high in the sky for you raise me up higher and higher

Today I’ll worry not for the things that I do not have. I will laugh in reckless abandon as I shed the pressures of this material world.

Forgive my sins Father, for I’m growing and learning. I have no expectations of infallibility but the faith that you guide will guide my willing spirit.


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