This is a summary of my message this week on Forgiveness which sparked a beautiful trend of conversations with some of you. Thank you for blessing me with your thoughts and visiting my website. Please enjoy the message and may it bring you a renewed desire to forgive. It is all about you, your freedom. Don’t forget to read my other message this week on chasing your dreams. I will see you all next week with fresh Positive Enrichment. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, Pearls of Our Lives, for more of my Positive Enrichment messages




How close are you to your purpose, how close are you to realizing your dreams…?

My dear readers and those who have so far followed my journey the past 2 years from writing my first blog post to discovering just how much I love sharing my heart’s desire, which is, positive enrichment words in the form of pearls of wisdom on my blog Pearls Of Our Lives. It has been an enriching experience going from shy writer, to insecure sharer and then in the last year, taking the bull by the horns to burst out and say, this is what I feel in my heart, hear me out and let me fly.


It is my joy to share my baby steps and big leaps in this journey with you. I despise not the days of small beginnings and I give thanks for the journey’s continuation. Now, this is no small step for me, to be invited to now be a major feature contributor on The Immigrant Magazine TV http://www.timtvhollywood.com – Voice of Immigrants in America.


 “The Immigrant Magazine, Inc. is a multi-media corporation that specializes in the development and distribution of media that focuses on the United States growing and ever-changing ethnic population. As the voice of the American immigrant we provide this audience with publications that will enhance their experience in America and forums to address their unique concerns and interests.” timtvhollywood


I am pleased and excited, very honored in fact to join my work and words to the amazing Pamela Anchang, seen above, and her endeavor through my Positive Enrichment pearls of wisdom as well as my socioeconomically conscious articles featuring news from around the world and much more!

Look out for more collaboration and new ventures from me, The Immigrant Magazine Inc multi-media platform as I will be exploring other media ventures.

This means for your own dreams, do not relent, do not stop, if you think it is for you, grab hold of it and run till you get there. You will get tired along the way, you will doubt, you will worry but don’t you ever stop chasing your dreams, for slowly sometimes, but surely they come to pass. Join me in celebrating this milestone, which is the beginning of bigger dreams come true. Please enjoy some of the diversity of work and cultures that The Immigrant Magazine Hollywood has been up to in the last 10 years, from the Miss Asia Universe, to the Polish Film festival, interviews and many more exciting ventures. Join us! Enjoy the pics

Pamela Anchang of The Immigrant Magazine

Stay tuned for this powerful collaboration, between the power of African Women, making a difference in the USA and the diaspora.


2013-06-12-19-32-06 – MAH MEKOLLE FOCUS MESSAGE 2

All images from timtvhollywood.com



My dear readers, If you have not heard about the Bright Light Project then you are snoozing! I posted this on my Facebook page last week and again I have to shine a light on this magnificent collaboration of artists, a socio-cultural message. Enjoy and get familiar with DJ Skeeper and the Franco Bonghan team and please get familiar with the other artists on the record

Check out their Facebook page and don’t forget to get a copy of the record from iTunes. Enjoy!




It’s easy to identify the culture of a particular region or group of people based on the way they talk, language, dress code and more. However, have you thought about what your personal culture is, which you carry around. Enjoy the video



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