It’s easy to identify the culture of a particular region or group of people based on the way they talk, language, dress code and more. However, have you thought about what your personal culture is, which you carry around. Enjoy the video


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    1. hahaha thank you so much. Forgive me, im trying to make out who Miss M is can you please tell me who this is? Obviously we were in school together. Thanks again

  1. Mah, Mah, Mah…How many times did i call you? lol. I needed to listen to this.This is kick start message for the week. The message is so on point. You just brought to light another dimension word “Culture”..”The culture of You”..It’s not just about dress or tradition, way of life etc…this is about a person..a personal culture!This just made me think about something else..Adhering to culture vs. Being cultured..that is another topic of it is own…thanks a lot for this!


    1. hahaha Yef, you called me 3 times my darling, yes yes yes, you got it, exactly what I was trying to bring to light, ah you bring me so much joy having gotten “it”. Yes, I was trying to make us think, food for thought, that apart from the obvious meaning of culture which we mostly associate immediately with a group of people, a place, a location, the cultural norms of that region, the cultural outfits, traditions………..yet, what if we look at our own selves as individuals, have we ever thought about the fact that we as ONE person, can have a personal culture. For, if it is easy to identify someone as BELONGING to a particular named culture just by the way they dress or greet or pray, shouldn’t we as individuals also have something about us that is so US that it cannot be mistaken. And is it possible we already do, but never realized that we had created this culture for ourselves, we are already recognized for certain things, but yet we dont know we are notorious for it or well known for that particular way of behaving, dressing, talking etc. So this is a good time to identify what our personal culture is that exists, if we like it, we improve on what we like, and what we don’t like time to discard, and what we would like, time to start practicing it. I could go on and on, hahahahaha

  2. Mah!!!! Love your video on culture and the stark reminder of the culturally diverse world we currently live in. It got me thinking of culture in the true sense of the word and what would otherwise be “perceived culture.” If a person “loses” their culture, do they lose their identity or cultural heritage?

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