Oh “NO” what are we going to do with you,

How many times have we crossed paths?

You keep changing form & colors too!

No you can’t go touch that

No you can’t sit there

No you can’t talk to that particular neighbor

No you can’t substitute

No, no discounts here, sorry

No, no VISA for you today Ma’am

No, you can’t marry that girl, over my dead body!

No, we appreciate your interest but we are not hiring

No, his parents are in a secret society, beware

No, you are not good enough, move!

No, you have to take the semester over, sorry

No, it’s too late to make it up, too late

No, he did not make it, sorry

No, no, no……

Are there any “No”s left?

Is there a “Yes” somewhere?


2 thoughts on “THE WORD “NO”

Add yours

  1. …Mah, for me it is all about saying each one when you mean it and meaning it when you say it…no easy task though…that can be challenging… no, yes, maybe can each in their own right be the package in which our blessings come to us… no and maybe can be painful and even heart breaking but in the grand scheme of things and in God’s will, no, maybe, yes is just as good…

    1. You know, when I started thinking about all the No episodes in my life as well as possible scenarios other people are going through, I realized that must be one of the most significant words ever. Plus, we start hearing this from infancy long before we are conscious of its meaning and impact

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