Today’s pearl is all about living free. Do you understand what living free is,

what is it to you? It will be unwise to try to define what living free is because

it is rather subjective, what might be considered an expression of freedom

to one person, could be totally different to another. We all live and all

come from different backgrounds, whether cultural, religious or sociopolitical.

So, I will not attempt to impose a definition for a group so broad, I will instead

provoke you to think for yourself, and examine your space, your environment,

both mental and physical. Within those parameters, what is an attainable

freedom available to you? How can you harness it, make use of it,

and hang on to it in order to break free from whatever bondage you

might find yourself in. Could it be, you need to start by breaking free from

YOU. Find out what prison you have unwittingly put yourself into, then start

chipping away at your own barricade, slowly but surely, you will be free!


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A good heart tries every morning to make the best decisions. Whether it succeeds at the end of the day is a whole other matter. But the strong rise up after an imperfect day & resolve to try again, harder. Don’t worry about those who judge you because of your failures and bad judgement of yesterday, keep your focus on your resolve to always strive higher.

Judgement & condemnation don’t make us, it’s what we respond to that determines how far we go. Keep your chin up always!

Mah Mekolle



Now, I am not a fan of everything has to be a long, hard tough process. I like

efficiency better, how can I achieve the most efficient result in the shortest

amount of time necessary but in the most effective and durable way.

There are times when based on what the subject matter is, that this is

actually possible. However, there are just some things that can’t be rushed,

some processes take time, effort, evaluation and repeated effort in order to

achieve the desired sustainable effect. Know which one you are dealing with

in your life before you either cut it short or drag it too long


Today I am addressing the small steps one can

sometimes fail to make, while looking at the very

big picture. First, DESIRE. Well, that is not such

a hard thing in today’s world. One look at a photo,

a location, we hear an idea, and it is easy to desire

it, the mental image is instantly gratifying. Now,

how do we get from desiring to acquiring? Not

to make it too simplistic, but, a simple thing such

as deciding to get it, makes a difference.

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