A good heart tries every morning to make the best decisions. Whether it succeeds at the end of the day is a whole other matter. But the strong rise up after an imperfect day & resolve to try again, harder. Don’t worry about those who judge you because of your failures and bad judgement of yesterday, keep your focus on your resolve to always strive higher.

Judgement & condemnation don’t make us, it’s what we respond to that determines how far we go. Keep your chin up always!

Mah Mekolle


4 thoughts on “WHO CARES WHAT THEY SAY

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    1. Thats right. A lot of times its the people we know who find it hard to let us change isnt it. But we have to believe in our growth

  1. Nice one. When people start talking about you..then you know you are getting there..or else they will not talk..lol.

    1. Haha true. Change, no matter whether forward positively or backward, or anything different elicits talk i think, learned that in nursery school i think lol

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