I woke up this morning thinking, why me, oh why me. Of all people who had to wake up, I did, to what do I owe this privilege, this honor? I didn’t do anything spectacular yesterday, I didn’t come up with the cure for anything, I didn’t visit the sick, I didn’t participate in any world peace conference, no body is waiting for my patent on anything, so why me, why was I chosen to wake up this morning, breathing freely, no oxygen tubes in my nostrils, walking with no crutches, talking, laughing, tasting food, seeing everything? Am I being given another chance to ….do what? All I can say, is thank you. Dear Diary, maybe today I grow closer to my purpose.

4 thoughts on “DEAR DIARY

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  1. Encouraging wisdom words. Thanks for sharing with us this wonderful morning prayer.

  2. typo with ‘chose’
    Its by his grace mama…if not of his grace where will we be?? Baba you to much 🙂
    Keep it coming Mah, u have a reader in me!!

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