Whispers In The Rain




Tap tap tap, I hear the rain fall

The rhythm it plays in my ear consistent in its rise and fall

I could almost sing to the sound of the beat

as the rain washes away my yesterday

The short-lived successes of the fleeting day

the momentary solitude punctuated by the sound of kids laughing

It wipes the pain of goals not met again,

the uncertainty of certain emotions,

the rain purifies my thoughts, ridding them of negative energy.


I step outside into its caress,

and its cold wet fingers jolt me from my reverie;

I am present in every drop now,

the rhythm rises as I step further into the rain

I am drenched by the pounding drops

that blind my eyes to anything but the rain;

only my ears hear the ascending rhythm.

My body moves in tandem to the beat,

and as it crescendos I feel baptized into a new reality.


The rain is one with my tears,

my tears one with my sweat,

sweet sorrow, painful joy, thus is the paradox of life.

As the rhythm slows, I float with it,

a heavenly presence surrounds me,

I head home, peace, sweet peace,

time to face another day.




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