DEAR DIARY, IT'S NOVEMBER 1ST 2014 "FAILING TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL..." I used to hear this from Dr Dawkins Derrol, senior Pastor and Pediatrician, Birmingham AL. At the time I was just a student in nursing school, working as a Medical Assistant in his Pediatric practice. I wondered, what did that mean?... Continue Reading →

  How often do you think about why you exist? Too complicated a thought or too simplistic a view? Truth is, whether we think about it consciously or unconsciously, we are in one way or another striving to make sense of our existence. It is hard to experience total peace until we feel a sense... Continue Reading →


Have you wondered if a Life or Spiritual Coach is something you might need. The idea of having a personal coach might seem foreign to some of us, and yet in this day and age, most people cannot deny that they are where they are by some form of coaching. We have sports coaches and... Continue Reading →

PEARL # 15

PEARL # 15: BE PRODUCTIVE This pearl is dedicated to me and all the other hardworking dreamers, visionaries, movers and shakers in their own world. I had labored for a year on the idea of being a Public Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor, Cultural Commentator. The more I wrote poems and motivational words on this blog... Continue Reading →


Ok, so I was inspired by my friend and soul sistah Viola to try yoga.  So today I decided I was going to take my adipose tissues to the gym after a long time and bunch of resolutions that I never followed up on.  Deciding to launch another attack on my "jiggly" parts I strolled... Continue Reading →


WHAT'S YOUR FRIENDSHIP SCORE Dear Diary Friend. Friends. Who is a friend? How do you know when to call someone a friend They say people meet at various places, you go from acquaintances, to friends and sometimes a lot of things in between. But at the end of the day what makes a friend? I... Continue Reading →


Of all the things I could have slowed down doing, working out became a victim, and i'm not surprised nor impressed Three weeks ago, I started working out 5 days a week, so proud of myself, it was on! The next week, 4 days a week, still great, above required weekly workout rate This week,... Continue Reading →


  Woke up this morning feeling very thankful for my life.  Lately I see that no matter what we might still be planning to do, accomplish places we want to go, people we want to see, all those things in the future do not compare to the surety of what you have in the present... Continue Reading →

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