I woke up this morning, after a long 4 days off, thinking I should have had one more day off. I obviously had only slept 3 hours the whole night, so I was sleep deprived, and cranky, very cranky. My alarm blasted off at 0430 am, and I thought, who on earth set that alarm! Me of course. I work almost an hour’s drive from home, and ideally I should be at work by 0530am. An unholy hour to be awake at all if you ask me, but not to early to be saving lives. Of course I hardly make it by 5:30, but when I can, it is dark, and I can’t help thinking, most mortals are still asleep. I usually smile as I drive to work though, and during my drive, I meditate and I feel like I have God all to myself. Funny, cause I am usually cranky when that alarm goes off. The busy bee

This morning was even harder. Trying to work a regular job by day, and then apply myself to my passions and my own businesses after hours is a magic trick I marvel at, one which means no sleep as I know it. Puffy eyes here I come, sleep-walker now my name. This is something I am sure a lot of people know as well, people, who believe in a dream, who hold on to the hope that someday, their sweat will be all they need to maintain the standard of living they have become used to over the years, and even more

As I slapped my snooze button over and over, I started my mantra,

“At least I have a job, at least I have a good job, wake up wake up wake up”.

I drove to work, and the only thing that kept me perked up was the vision of the many things I will be accomplishing in the near future; that world where I am a published writer, an actress, a playwright, an employer, a Philanthropist, the world where my book is a movie, Oscar winners, hahaha, yep, all the good things.

Then I arrive at work. Still dark. Time to help save lives. Coffee time, stock up, it’s 6am. New mantra on my lips, “I love my job, I love my job I love my job”

And then when you least expect it, you really love your job, for out of the blue, you get a card from the Assistant Manager with your name on it, it’s not your birthday, you don’t remember anything special happening, you’re not exactly special, but for that moment, or one day, you were special enough to be remembered. I do love my job, and until dreams keep coming true, this made my Monday, December 1st, worthwhile

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I used to hear this from Dr Dawkins Derrol, senior Pastor and Pediatrician, Birmingham AL. At the time I was just a student in nursing school, working as a Medical Assistant in his Pediatric practice. I wondered, what did that mean? It wasn’t a stretch of the imagination really, it was simple. Dr Dawkins simply meant, you ought to plan what you want to do, and plan how you will execute it.

For me today, I see that so relevant in everything I do. I have seen how things turn out when I plan, and the outcome when I don’t plan. Now, not everything in life can be written down to the last detail, some things are best spontaneous. However, when it comes to important stuff, like the trajectory of your life, a plan better be in place.


The first day of November, 2014, makes me realize, I have exactly 2 months till the end of this year. So, I am taking stock of what my life has been so far, is there something I can wrap up? Next, start planning for next year. When the new year starts, I should already have an idea what I want my life to look like. Deciding to plan in January, is preparing to be a day late. I want January to start with me already running.

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Today I spent time in Barnes & Noble bookstore, looking around for inspiration. The first book I saw walking in is one I have been wanting to read, The Alchemist, wow. Then I looked for the book one of my Coaches and Mentors said I should get, The Ten Day MBA, my eyes fell on Joel Osteen’s book, but I couldn’t possibly get all these in one day. The adrenaline though started to fill my blood, I wanted to remain in the bookstore.

I got a couple of journals, my The Alchemist, pens and paper. Tonight, I will plan the rest of my year and the beginning of a new one.

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What about you? What are you planning for next week, next month, next year? Need paper, pen? Then get it, start thinking, all the best to you and me, may our dreams come true.


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How often do you think about why you exist? Too complicated a thought or too simplistic a view? Truth is, whether we think about it consciously or unconsciously, we are in one way or another striving to make sense of our existence. It is hard to experience total peace until we feel a sense of oneness and purpose, familiarity with our core. For everyone, that peace and sense of center is different, no two are the same.

Find your core, the inner essence from which our greatest strength comes, and then use it to fuel this great journey called life.

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Have you wondered if a Life or Spiritual Coach is something you might need. The idea of having a personal coach might seem foreign to some of us, and yet in this day and age, most people cannot deny that they are where they are by some form of coaching. We have sports coaches and personal trainers to help us reach fitness goals or Olympic goals, financial coaches to help us get out of debt or coach us towards building a secure financial life for ourselves and our families, business coaches to help us start business, Pastors and Priests who coach us spiritually.

When it comes to money, church, business, we have no problem acknowledging that we need help, someone else’s input, a leg up, not because we are dunces but because we realize to go further, it is important to seek an unbiased and knowledgeable input. However when it comes to our lives as a whole, how we feel, who we are inside, how we relate to the world, how we manage the life we live with all its stresses, somehow we don’t make the connection that we might need a life coach? Or, it is just not a familiar term in some societies.

As a Spiritual and Life Coach, I will endeavor to simplify my coaching style or define it simply, bearing in mind that there are more layers to it than the summary. I am the one whom you will trust with your vulnerabilities, fears, dreams and aspirations in the hopes that whatever it is that you are finding a challenge in managing in your life, I may help you figure it out. I will not give you all the answers, but I will coach you to figure out your life for yourself and come up with solutions that you can manage even without me there. I will equip you with problem-solving tools which I have learned over the years and studied, paired up with my natural intuition. I will be a partner in your journey towards discovery depending on what the challenge it is that you bring to me.

I will usher you and steer you in the right direction while you do YOUR WORK. Yes, like everything in life, you have to work for it. You want peace in your life, love, serenity, tranquility, resolution, finding your passion, starting new paths, you have to put in work, and work you will. I will challenge you when you need to be challenged, I will not cajole you into the same patterns that have served you to the spot you are in, I will empathize with you, I will be the unbiased ear to your problems

We carry around so many burdens, and no one to share it with. In the past the people we have shared our issues with have misused that information. Or, you shared it with your best friend and although you both can die for each other, somehow your best friend is just not gifted with the ability to listen to you or give you good advice. You want to seek new pastures in life, you are well accomplished otherwise, but something is missing, and you don’t want to tell dream-killers, I know about chasing dreams and passions, I will help you protect your dreams till you can fly.

What are you waiting for to try, call me for a free consult, check out my life coaching website


PEARL # 15


This pearl is dedicated to me and all the other hardworking dreamers, visionaries, movers and shakers in their own world. I had labored for a year on the idea of being a Public Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor, Cultural Commentator. The more I wrote poems and motivational words on this blog Pearls of Our Lives, the more I dreamt of a larger forum. I want to take my message to the masses, reach more people, more personal, chat one on one, look into someone’s eyes.

One of the goals on my vision board last year and this year was to start my Company that will be the birthing place for my creating work. Today I launched my website My Angel Heart which will be the primary point of contact for my Life Coaching/Speaking endeavors. I urge you to visit, learn, leave your commentaries and support me as I reach for my dreams.

My call to you is simple. What is your dream, what are your dreams. What are you doing to reach them. Call me if you need help figuring this out for yourself. Please check me out at

Be Blessed

Mah Mekolle


Ok, so I was inspired by my friend and soul sistah Viola to try yoga.  So today I decided I was going to take my adipose tissues

to the gym after a long time and bunch of resolutions that I never followed up on.  Deciding to launch another attack on my

“jiggly” parts I strolled in the gym with my hubby in tow, looking to go from one machine to the other, first treadmill, etc. I

digress. I noticed that it was time for yoga. Now, I always thought like most of you, don’t judge me, yea, I stereotyped, that

yoga was for the already skinny folks, so looking at my round tummy, head down & hoping I don’t get shooed away

I found my mat at the very back of the class, not daring to look around, praying I can strike at least one pose. I was late, great,

now everyone can watch me waddle to my place, haha.  Anyway, I looked up finally from my lotus position and noticed the

instructor was a 6 ft probably 220 pound African American guy! hahaha and my fellow mates were a bunch of senior citizen

Asian women, one Caucasian guy who looked like he only fed on vegetables & should be teaching the class, and one

40 year old lady.


I wondered, is this a good time to waddle back out, too late, we were being instructed to breathe in and out, hands up,

hands down, twist here, twist there……..and slowly the peace settled in my spirit.  I ignored the fact that those old

women were stretching and turning more than me, or the fact that I tumbled on my face at some point, or the fact that

the regular-sized teacher was flexible like rubber! ( egg in my face). I thought, surely, with all the lying down and looking

up in the sky I have always thought yoga to be, this should be easy. WRONG! At the end of 1 hour I couldn’t spell my

name, I was limping, and feeling thoroughly instructed! Yoga is my new friend. Don’t judge exercise by how it looks,

unless you try it. I will of course revisit…or just go back to my reliable treadmill.


…..On my way out, one of the 7oyear old Chinese ladies beckoned to me, smiling. I went over, thinking she was about

to confess too that this was her first time in a yoga class. She looked at me,  touched my stomach roll and in her thickest

accent told me “yoga, 2 times a week, stomach gone”, then smiled into my eyes like ( ya heard me). (The nerve!)

Hahahaha, but since she was a grandma, who had out-performed me I feared she might be black belt karate or

something, I respectfully said “yes ma’am” She went ahead to give me the class schedule so I dont forget! lol


The thing I realized, was during the 1 hour I started to feel connected to my spirit.  Though I was hurting, I

felt my soul and spirit start to communicate. I was stunned. I had not realized just how noisy my head was until

listening to the Barry White sound-alike instructor I began to relax and tone down on the voices in my head. I forgot

I was there to work out and concentrated on the exercise of my mind and spirit going on. I may have stumbled unto

yoga by accident or the universe intended for my friend Viola to tell me about it, no matter the case, I think yoga is in my

future, if not for weight loss reasons, but to take me a step further in this spiritual journey of awareness I’m on.


Thanks Viola, thanks old lady, we’ll see where this journey ends. Stay tuned, the Yoga Chronicles Coming Soon!



Dear Diarydear

Friend. Friends. Who is a friend? How do you know when to call someone a friend

They say people meet at various places, you go from acquaintances, to friends

and sometimes a lot of things in between. But at the end of the day what makes a friend?

I think that actions and words speak loud when it comes to friendships, not just the

declaration of the name. When you call someone friend, or they call you a friend,

this comes with responsibility. For me, I think it means that when you say you will be there

be there. It means you care about what happens to your friend, you are loyal, listen

when needed, you drive all night if that’s what it takes to hold their hand, you cry with them

if that’s how you feel, you get the liquor if something stronger is needed, you laugh, tease

you call a taxi if they had too much to drink, you pray with them if you can, you check in often.

If years pass and you don’t do that, you do it when the opportunity arises, and you don’t stop

But since life is  not perfect, true friends leave a mark of their friendship on each other,

a mark that no time passed can touch, no amount of silence can change. I told a friend a month ago,

that although it had been years since we bonded and talked like we used to when we were younger,

that there were some things in my life that if I felt the need, I would rather go dig her up

from whatever place she was in just to tell her, cause that’s just what the memory of a

true friend she was to me. You tell your friends that you love them, period.

When your friend is in trouble, you don’t stay quiet and wait, you run to their

side, call, text, skype, hit them in the head if you have to but then you sit down

and help them. Sometimes it is not the words & actions of our enemies that hurt

it is the silence and inaction of our friends that hurt the most.

So, to conclude my little article, I think that although it would be just

awesome to talk, text and chat with the people we love daily, hourly, even if this is not possible,

may distance and time not change the nature of the true friendship shared. Friendship I think is

like a credit report or score, the longer the history the better you are able to gauge and trust it.

I have heard it said that even if you don’t use your credit card any more for whatever reason,

don’t close out the account.  I wonder though, how do you know when it comes to poeple

when a friendship is gone? Or when one walks back in your life? How do you know

when it’s right?

What’s your friendship score? I must say honestly mine sucks, not as good. I have a lot of

work to do.  I guess I am better at giving my friendship and being there when you need me,

I just dont know how to recieve friendship. Is that bad, I wonder, hmmm, food for thought.

Im sure a lot of you too as adults might have run into this problem, the older you get,

the more you shed off poeple, but when do you know it is time to change that, or is it

the best way to be anyway?



Of all the things I could have slowed down doing, working out became a victim, and i’m not surprised nor impressed

Three weeks ago, I started working out 5 days a week, so proud of myself, it was on!

The next week, 4 days a week, still great, above required weekly workout rate

This week, hm, what happened, Sunday came and passed, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…..

of course I have a good reason, no need to go into, but good reason. However, it doesn’t change the fact that

when “good reasons” happened, workout was the first in line to get short-changed

Today, thanks to my hubby’s gentle reminder, I did a whole hour of Billy Blank’s boot camp.

As I did it, I almost cried with joy, the familiar feeling of pure energy, joy & sense of accomplishment I get

whenever I work out. I wondered, how come I missed 4 days already, how come I didn’t remember this

feeling to nudge me to workout all those days I missed. Anyway, we are back on track, not perfect, still work in progress

So, for me, exercising is that thing that I need to push myself daily to do. What is your thorn in your flesh, or challenge?





Woke up this morning feeling very thankful for my life. 

Lately I see that no matter what we might still be planning to do, accomplish

places we want to go, people we want to see, all those things in the future

do not compare to the surety of what you have in the present moment. 

So I pause, and say thank you!


“Forgive and forget”, so simple, yet complicated

You say you have forgiven, & then you find that forgetting is the harder part?

Makes me wonder, is the “forget” taken too literary?

What if the “forget” in this instance doesn’t mean we should have induced artificial amnesia, but

rather, don’t let it worry you again, don’t let your remembrance of it be a source of pain, or hurt, or anger,

& all other negative feelings it evoked that you can think of

What if forget means rather than stay stuck in the negative consequences of the action on you,

rather find a way to move on with a positive lesson instead, even if that means walking away, but walk away without burden

My favorite thought on the word “forget” is, what if it means having COMPASSION, open your heart to see the possibility of yourself

in the actions of the one or ones that hurt you, died & left you destitute & lonely, broke your trust,

you found out your loved one is wanted for murder, they are involved in drugs, live an alternate lifestyle,

molested your kids, abused you, beat you up when you had no defense, divorced you, stole your passport, revealed all your secrets, etc etc

What if when we say, it is hard to forget, we do so to honor the pain we feel, & justify our anger, & decisions we spurn from there.

Maybe opening our hearts to compassion is the key to truly forgetting without feeling like we are letting ourselves down

I think when we fail to “forget”, we imprison ourselves in needless emotional gymnastics

Having compassion is a far greater & worthy experience, it opens up avenues to heal not just yourself but possibly the author of said pain

We are all human & prone to mishaps, mistakes, stupidity. The compassion you give out, will always come back to you.

It’s not about if they deserve it, didn’t apologize, or it’s the 10th time, it’s not about them, it’s about You

But whatever way you move on, do try to forget, show compassion not just for them, but your future self

And when it is YOU that you have to forgive, show yourself some COMPASSION & forget it too.




if we truly forget

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