I used to hear this from Dr Dawkins Derrol, senior Pastor and Pediatrician, Birmingham AL. At the time I was just a student in nursing school, working as a Medical Assistant in his Pediatric practice. I wondered, what did that mean? It wasn’t a stretch of the imagination really, it was simple. Dr Dawkins simply meant, you ought to plan what you want to do, and plan how you will execute it.

For me today, I see that so relevant in everything I do. I have seen how things turn out when I plan, and the outcome when I don’t plan. Now, not everything in life can be written down to the last detail, some things are best spontaneous. However, when it comes to important stuff, like the trajectory of your life, a plan better be in place.


The first day of November, 2014, makes me realize, I have exactly 2 months till the end of this year. So, I am taking stock of what my life has been so far, is there something I can wrap up? Next, start planning for next year. When the new year starts, I should already have an idea what I want my life to look like. Deciding to plan in January, is preparing to be a day late. I want January to start with me already running.

image  image image

Today I spent time in Barnes & Noble bookstore, looking around for inspiration. The first book I saw walking in is one I have been wanting to read, The Alchemist, wow. Then I looked for the book one of my Coaches and Mentors said I should get, The Ten Day MBA, my eyes fell on Joel Osteen’s book, but I couldn’t possibly get all these in one day. The adrenaline though started to fill my blood, I wanted to remain in the bookstore.

I got a couple of journals, my The Alchemist, pens and paper. Tonight, I will plan the rest of my year and the beginning of a new one.

image                  image

What about you? What are you planning for next week, next month, next year? Need paper, pen? Then get it, start thinking, all the best to you and me, may our dreams come true.


(images from my home office collection)

2 thoughts on “PEARL #81: PLAN YOUR LIFE

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  1. Nice Mah. Precisely my thoughts as once again I hear myself saying “wow! This year has gone by really fast!! ” I still have a lot of unfinished business for 2014.So I decide to make the best of these last few days. A lot can still be accomplished. Of course, I also try to realistic with my goals and the deadlines I set for them. And yes, writing them down is important. Visuals do help. With visuals, more importantly ,action!
    Journaling too, being my end of year resolution, which will run into one of 20 15 ‘ s resolutions!!
    Oooh, u got me talking this morning! It’s like I caught the Holy Ghost! !

    1. Hahaha Nanga thanks for giving us readers feedback, its so important when i read from someone else. I went and reviewed my Vision Board that I made to guide my year 2014 & then I realized this time around, I need more than a few days to get things in order for next year! Do please share your process as the days go buy, i want to catch that Holy Ghost urgency too just in case mine wanes! 😊

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