DEAR DIARY, IT'S NOVEMBER 1ST 2014 "FAILING TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL..." I used to hear this from Dr Dawkins Derrol, senior Pastor and Pediatrician, Birmingham AL. At the time I was just a student in nursing school, working as a Medical Assistant in his Pediatric practice. I wondered, what did that mean?... Continue Reading →

  How often do you think about why you exist? Too complicated a thought or too simplistic a view? Truth is, whether we think about it consciously or unconsciously, we are in one way or another striving to make sense of our existence. It is hard to experience total peace until we feel a sense... Continue Reading →

  EMPOWER YOUR MIND AND THAT OF YOUR CHILD What have you planned for your family lately? On October 25th 2014, join me and more power house Speakers including but not limited to Dr Nicoline Ambe - our Keynote Speaker and Child Education specialist, Mr Darius Allen - millionaire/entrepreneur, Dr Dubi Sendze and other surprises,... Continue Reading →


CREATE YOUR VISION BOARD "To know where you are going you have to see it" Mah M Last year I created a vision board, make that vision boards, things I wanted in my life. So often we forget our dreams. Today while driving you think of a great idea, it fills you with great optimism,... Continue Reading →

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