“To know where you are going you have to see it” Mah M


Last year I created a vision board, make that vision boards,

things I wanted in my life. So often we forget our dreams. Today

while driving you think of a great idea, it fills you with great optimism,

but two weeks later, you have forgotten the dream and the feeling it gave you.

It is said, that write your visions plain, though they tarry they will come to pass.

I believe in putting what you want out there in the universe. Map out your life, desires,

wants, needs. You can not have limits to your imagination, don’t judge whether you

have the tools to achieve your visions or not, just write what comes to your heart.

To make it more fun, cut out pictures, print photos of places you want to visit,

you want a Lexus, clip a picture of one to your Vision Board, ANYTHING goes.

For those who have no idea where to start, take a peek at my format & content

I divided mine into categories: For each category I expanded with bullet points.

MAJOR GOALS:-(More Spirituality, Self-Love, Marital Harmony, Kids)

MINOR GOALS: -( New Lease by Dec 31st, service cars, wrap up 2013 projects)

BUSINESS GOALS:-( blog & Begin Life Coaching, Direct Sales business venture)

PERSONAL GOALS:-(Lose 50lbs, vacation, more time with hubby and Kids)

WANTS, DESIRES, VANITIES:-( Invisalign braces, Eye Lasix surgery, more shoes)

HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECT:-( Kids play room, sectional, wall accessories)

That is a sample of the stuff I have on my 2014 VISION BOARDS. Go to the dollar store

buy cardboard paper, drawing boards, Permanent Markers, crayons, glue. Spread out

your papers on the table and have FUN planning your life. When you are done, pray over it

and hang it where you can see it every day. In your bedroom, office, bathroom etc. As the

year goes by, check off the dreams that come true, feel free to add more dreams to your Board.

Let me know what your experience even doing this process is like. If you need help, call or email me


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