Be attentive to your feelings, emotions, thoughts, for they translate into action and if you don’t master them sooner or later you can’t hide it.

When you’re not truly happy for someone, it shows whether you are aware of it or not. Ask yourself, does your inability to be happy for others stem from your dislike of them or does it have to do with your own insecurities. Does their success instead remind you of what you are not doing or what you have not accomplished. Find a way to rejoice for others and soon you will find that you have unlocked the door for good things to happen to you as well. Silent anger, envy and jealousy don’t increase you but diminish you. Love, gratitude and support however can take you higher.

Ask yourself today, are you happy for the people around you, or do you resent them. If you have resentment, seek your heart for answers, it’s not about them, it’s about you. Love heals, love accomplishes, acceptance is golden


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