I will rather hear more about how to increase the

quality of my life than another method to get

financially rich. Don’t get me wrong, like most

human beings, every day I dream and make decisions

geared towards financial surplus and freedom.


I have simply found that it comes second to my spiritual

harmony.  How about you, is money your priority?

The quest for more more more usually leaves us

feeling breathless and if we are not vigilant, lacking

in gratefulness, taking things for granted.


No matter what else you may still want in life,

there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

Take a minute to say thank you for what you do have.

As much as the height of financial success,

size of your wallet, brand of your car, and bling bling

is the new gospel nowadays, don’t be fooled. Before

preaching or encouraging people to feel useless or

unsuccessful because they are broke or don’t have money

or financial affluence, first inform about the importance

of a healthy body, soul and mind.


Money in the hands of the dead in heart, soul and spirit

is as tasteless as showing a blind man the most beautiful painting.

What is the condition of your soul, your heart, your relationships,

forgiveness, love, friendship, peace. Money can always come

and go, I have no problem with wanting money or needing it

to ease my life. But before chasing what money can buy, I

need to first heal my heart, body and soul

Gratitude is one of the things we need in life

to grow taller as human beings. Build your attitude of

gratitude, and increase your altitude.


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