It’s no surprise when December hits, we all consciously or unconsciously

start looking back at the year we have lived the past 11 months.

In some ways we wonder, what if we had started that project, we

would be finishing right now. Other thoughts make us realize

that we have come a long way since January.  In other news we

get the sense that that time is running out.


My message today is no matter what your thoughts are

you are in the right place at the right time in your life.

Your life needs you, with all your brokenness and yes

imperfections galore. Do not let these remaining days

of the year cause you to see a waste of time but rather

a year of laying down more foundations.


Life is beautiful, even when it is tough,

There is no one life will rather have in your universe

but YOU. Remember, you are light, even when your lamp

looks old and dim, within you is light. Let it shine!

Say “NO” to negative thoughts and people. Say “YES” to

the voices that build you up especially while you are down






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