Happy Birthday Dear PEARLS OF OUR LIVES

Wow, today marks exactly one year since I started my blog PEARLS OF OUR LIVES.

What began as a tentative step into exploring the passion that I had for reading, writing

and deep thinking, led me to the land of poetry, articles, Food For thought and more.

It started shyly, I did not tell anyone about it, it was so personal. I had been through

a whole lot in life as a human being, weathered a lot of storms and grown so much

I had reached a place where going to my regular job wasn’t enough, something was missing.


I was great at my job, but I still felt like I was not living my full potential.

Then I remembered what had never left me, my penchant for advice & uplifting,

my love for writing, untapped in many years. Through these months I shared my

raw energy, typos, deep thoughts, poems with you all, and your feedback encouraged me.

I thank you all my readers for your support. My feet feel stronger and as I start another

year of blogging, I want to invite you to stick with me as I grow, send me your

constructive feedback.


There are new elements I want to start and that will involve

you all. Stay tuned to PEARLS OF OUR LIVES, you are all PEARLS, with each

a vast well of pearls of wisdom. Join me in sharing what you know

This new year in PEARLS OF OUR LIVES I will be incorporating  a lot of

written materials from you all, not just my own. More Food For Thought,

My Life in Print, Interviews, and Charity work. Please send in your suggestions

for what you will like to see moving forward.



2 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG!!!!

Add yours

  1. Happy birthday!!! God bless the day you decided to start this blog because it has been a great help to me. There have been times when I needed answers and for some reason, they were always right here. The storms you weathered were definitely not in vain. I know God works in mysterious ways and uses people to convey messages to us. You are definitely that person and I thank you. I look forward to more inspirational content and thought provoking pieces!! Thank you dear!

    1. Oh my God Ms Di you have made my morning with your post! Yes when I started this blog I didn’t know anyone will be in to it, but I said to myself that if it touches even only one then it is worth it. You bless me ever time you comment for that’s the only way I know that someone was moved by it. Thank you thank you. I will continue the journey

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